A lot of people prefer to do SEO on their own for their website. They do not hire an SEO specialist and prefer to don the hat for the business. If you are one of those person, then here are 5 Minneapolis SEO tips that work and deliver good results.

  1. Focus on One Thing in Your Website

You need to focus on one particular thing on your website. You may be offering a lot of different services but you should present yourself as delivering one thing which defines you properly. For example you may be offer services like content localization, transcription, editing, etc. But you may represent yourself as linguistic services company. This “thing” can then become a keyword for the website.

  1. Make Smart Use of Keywords
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There was a time when people were stuffing up their website content with keywords. It just didn’t matter if the keyword made sense there or not. However, the search engine algorithms have matured and can now sense where the keyword has been inserted just for the heck of it. The algorithms now read content and evaluate it for its freshness, uniqueness, and meaningful writing.

  1. Crosslink Your Pages

If you are using one of the modern content management systems, then this would be done automatically. However, if it is not being done then you need to manually cross link your most important web pages with other pages on the website through use of words that describe them best.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Load from Website

Excessive use of javascripts or CSS or even used code can slow down the website. This can hurt your page load time and SEO. Ask your technical team to clean up the code and retain only the code that is actually in use.

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