Congratulations on your new home with a beautiful patio outside! It’s time to put some lighting on it to make your evenings relaxing and emit positive vibes. Here are four easy to apply lighting ideas when it comes to turning your patio into the best feature of your home.

Create a layout

Understand first how your outdoor is structured and then figure out a plan based on your intentions as well as your budget. Decide which fixtures in your outdoor will get the focus while the others will just have the necessary lighting needed. Creating a plan at the start will save you from sudden changes that will cost you money. Sometimes, our scheme is too grand, and our budget can’t handle it at the moment. It’s not a good idea to loan for outdoor landscaping and lighting.

You can hire an experienced landscape specialist to help come up with a realistic plan in turning you’re outdoor into a beautiful piece of art. They will also give you tips on where to source the most affordable lighting solutions for your outdoor needs.

Stick to warm light from LED bulbs

Your best choice for of lights for your patio is to use white light that is warm. LED lights are energy-efficient and will save you massive electricity costs down the road. Avoid creating an outdoor lighting system that looks like a lights show that creates a rainbow of colors. If you’re from the Texas region, you can quickly get landscape lighting Houston designer of high class and quality.

Warm light at around 2700K temperature is an excellent choice because it replicates the comforting warmth of a campfire. Avoid the bluish tones of cooler temperature lights because it will make the people uneasy.

You can also put a spotlight on a tree nearby to give the patio the highlight it needs. Alternatively, you can place mini-lights under nearby steps or benches to provide light to the patio.

Task lighting

The patio is not complete if there is no grill or serving area. The kind of light to use in this space is to use bright light using a view on a rail that is behind the grilling station or a hidden spotlight on top of the roof adjacent to the area. This will ensure you can cook bbq efficiently and everyone will be able to eat with proper light.

Avoid just using only two bright lights for the entire patio.

This beginner mistake will create an unpleasant glare, and instead of providing proper lighting, it dims the area because our irises start to contract when met by these two bright lights.

You can use a nearby tree and place a light there that will directly shine the area directly. But use only warm white light and not some other colors.

Final thoughts

Be careful with the wiring. You can hire a qualified electrician to help you make sure the lights are safe and won’t be a risk of sparking a fire.

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