Buying a car is still a matter of celebration for a lot of people. It is a moment that many would like to cherish for a long time. But it can become a very painful memory if instead of getting best used car to buy in Bangalore you get duped by the dealer.

So it is very important to understand the minutest details of used car dealings to avoid such painful and unpleasant situations.

Here are a few things that a dealer may try to hide from a potential buyer.

Real Problems with the Car

If it is a festive season, then a dealer may give you a brief inspection report for the car. This brief report may hide more than reveal. So insist on a more detailed inspection report.

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Real Mileage of the Car

It has become very easy to tamper with the traditional speedometers of the car. To tackle this problem, digital speedometers were introduced. But it is still not impossible for a dealer to mess around with it. This makes it easy for a dealer to actually hide the real mileage of a used car.

Real Ownership

A dealer may not tell the buyer that he has got the car’s ownership transferred to his name and there is no other seller involved. This leads to two previous ownerships of the car and makes it a third hand sale for the buyer. If that is the case then the price should decrease further for the buyer.

Real Manufacture Date

A dealer may hide the real manufacture date of the car knowing that it can reduce the valuation. So instead of saying that the car was manufactured in January 2016 they would say 2016. But the mention of month can actually influence the asking price.


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