Having elegant party or event is quite impressive to experience right? Of course, behind the success comes with major sermons from the clients and unexpected twist of things. Let’s take a look why being an event planner is the toughest job to do.

They run out of patience.

It is easy to do but hard to implement if something happens that is very ugly, or you did not expect. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information’s study of irritable mood to determine the statistical amount of mental disorders, it shows that more 81 percent of adults always experience irritability and 23 percent of it had depression or MDD [major depressive disorder]. It is very alarming to see that many and many of people are having these kinds of problem which affect their entire mood and duties as a person.

That is why Essential Life Skills releases some of the best patience related practices like slow down, avoiding the triggers, etc. If you still struggling with it, you can visit your family doctor.

They cannot afford to make mistakes.

As the client has higher expectations onto them, they deal with a lot of pressure, and it is getting increased every day passes. With a lot of details to manage and a lot of clients to prioritize, they cannot control themselves sometimes. They forgot that it is a team job and all of them must cooperate appropriately so that all of you can achieve success.

Almost no sleep

Many event planners do not last on their job because of this reason. According to Eventbrite, more than seventy percent of the planners struggle to have a peaceful sleep especially if they have events to run. Besides, people who are currently lacking sleep involves a lot of implications like being drowsy, easily irritated and getting depressed. For this reasons, it might be the primary cause why event planners are having trouble communicating with their team and having problems that result in unexpected resignation.

There are also times that the events team gets a short term warehouse rental because they cannot afford to go home and rest because of many transactions and things that needs to settle out. The worst thing is, they did not get the money that they deserve because clients sometimes deduct the total amount of fee especially if there is something wrong happen during the event.

These clients makes the event planners and its members unproductive, not motivated to give the best that they have and a big amount of stress.

Strict deadlines

Deadlines are the root of all problems during the event. In some cases, clients demand more which makes it tougher for the event organizers. Also, they tend to forget to nail down all the details as soon as possible which consumes them a lot more time. That is why EventMB suggest that event planners must be organized.

Bad clients

Although this problem is applicable in many cases, the clients in events are a lot more worst. Special occasions always remind their viewers that they must value their fee because sometimes, most of them want to have significant discounts, but the reality is they get the lowest possible fee.

Annette Naif always said that events team must still go with the documents so that there will be no problem and always pay attention to the first meeting. Failing to do so will cause you big trouble, and the worst case is, they withdraw about booking to your event firm.

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