Bespoke items have traditionally been the reserve of the rich, from tailoring to footwear, motor cars to interior, they have always cost a lot. Often they are used by the wealthy to demonstrate their wealth, and ability to afford something that no one else can have. However, as with many things today, modern technology aims to change that and bring bespoke to the masses, at least in one area.

Start-up company Skelmet are aiming to produce bespoke sunglasses for anyone and everyone, and are utilising the advances in both 3D printing and scanning technology to make it happen. 20 years ago this would have been science fiction, and even 10 years ago it would have cost a fortune, but today the adoption and competition brought about by different companies in these markets mean that this is eminently possible.

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The Flacon 1 is their first model, and they are produced with the aid of a 3D scanner to scan the user’s face. Soon you will be able to do this with a 3D camera attached to a smartphone (the iPhone X for example), and send the data directly to Skelmet. From there the original design is adapted slightly and then 3D printed to ensure a perfect fit. Early testers of these rave about the comfort benefits from a pair of glasses designed specifically for you, and at only 20 grams, they are some of the lightest glasses on the market.

Whilst they don’t have the style of Rayban or Calvin Klein sunglasses, they are perfect for sportsmen and women, and as this is their first venture into this market, expect further, more stylish models to appear soon. They really are a fantastic example of utilising technological advances to improve a product that already exists, and we expect big things from Skelmet in the future.

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