Ok, so installing a disabled ramp to the entrance of your building is one way that you can make your business more accessible to customers who have disabilities, ensuring they have the same accessibility as everyone else when it comes to entering your building. Likewise, providing disabled parking is always a good idea, showing that you’ve taken into consideration the needs of those with mobility restrictions but what about internally? How can you make your property more user-friendly for increasingly more customers?

A platform lift.

The addition of platform lifts, to your business, will allow you to provide wheelchair users with as much access as possible- ensuring that they have equal opportunities and accessibility.

For open vertical platform lifts, Level Access Lifts are your go-to provider. They have developed a wealth of knowledge and understand the importance of making buildings safe for those who find it difficult to negotiate stairs and to walk long distances. The vertical platform lifts could well be the most useful installation you’ll ever make to your home or business, making the environment safer and more user-friendly.

There are so many ways that you can benefit from platform lifts, here are just a few…

Equality Act.

If you install a platform lift, you’ll instantly provide disabled people with equal opportunity. The Equality Act is in place to prevent discrimination against disabilities, and the simple addition of open vertical platform liftsis all that you need to be compliant with the required laws and legislations!

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Less space intruding.

The platform lifts are designed to be space saving, take the semi enclosed platform lift for instance. This lift is a multi-purpose lift which is suitable for those who have a wheelchair and those who are unstable on their feet.

The design of the vertical platform lifts is also practical and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Level Access Lifts cater for all needs and wants, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable from our range of open vertical platform lifts!


The vertical platform lifts are designed to carry immense capacities, providing you with a reliable solution for transportation within the home. There’s no compromise made to the speed and safety of the platform lifts, they simply make it more convenient for wheelchair users to access various levels within the home and business!

In terms of cost, the vertical platform lifts are affordable, despite being significantly larger in size than any standard lift. Level Access Lifts are always on hand to ensure that you find the most cost-efficient platform lifts to suit your property.


When it comes to finding a platform lift that’s safe and secure, you cannot beat the range of platform lifts from Level Access Lifts!

The whole point of installing a platform lift is to reduce the risk of injury and to provide a safer alternative for those who are in wheelchairs. Rather than struggling to climb out of wheelchairs and negotiating stairs, disabled people can now access various levels easily- thanks to the simple addition of a platform lift.

Vertical platform lifts are provided to put your mind at ease so don’t hesitate to make your property more accessible and wheelchair friendly!

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