If you are a business owner, you may already know the importance of a powerful professional services brand. If you don’t, look at these advantages:

A strong brand can:

  • Generate leads for you more easily
  • Command increased rates
  • Get more efficient people to work for you
  • Have lesser competitive bids scenarios for you

Who doesn’t desire these benefits? Your main concern should be how to build such a powerful brand. Here’s where branding tools step in.

What are Branding Tools?

Consider your professional services brand as the multiplication of your reputation into your visibility. A technique that helps you develop and refine your company’s reputation and/or grow the visibility of your brand is known as a branding tool. The best branding tool is the one which manages both these tasks well simultaneously.

Here are top five branding tools that can help build a strong professional services brand for a company.

1. Writing a Book on Your Signature Subject

To make your brand strong, you can write a book on your signature subject. This obviously needs you to know your stuff through and through.

Keep in mind that the book should be meant for your target clients, not for fellow business owners. Make the topic easy to understand and people will consider you a leader.

Research shows that writing a book is one of the most efficient ways to develop credibility and also one of the fastest ways to bring a rise in the visibility of your expertise.

2. Create a Premium Quality Video

With the advent of video, people tend to watch more than to read. Instead of investing in creating an impressive brochure, you can create a premium video that will narrate the story of your company and will position you as an important brand.

But remember, don’t be sparing with your budget. An ordinary sales piece won’t impress your potential customers. Either do it perfectly or don’t do it at all.

3. Build a High-quality Blog

If you decide to develop a blog, make sure that your potential customers will want to read it; having a blog just for the sake of it won’t serve your purpose. Start by developing a clear blog strategy.

Publish often and provide some extraordinary features in your blog. A good blog is quite like a magazine that people love to talk about and share with friends and colleagues.

A high quality blog will not only help increase your online visibility but also drive increased search engine traffic towards your website. In the long run, it can make your company a leading brand; so, don’t shy away from getting help of a professional B2B marketing strategy Sydney by BrandQuest to do it well.

4. Industry Newsletter

If you are not sure about creating a blog, you have another equally effective option – a newsletter!

A newsletter is more traditional than a blog and offers critical industry knowledge and information that is not available easily elsewhere.

Such an industry newsletter is a proven branding tool; but, remember that to use it successfully, it must be hardy and useful; it should markedly stand out among other ordinary company-centred fluffy stuff.

5. Holding Specialised Conferences

Participating in an industry conference is a tried and tested method of building a brand according to the leading brand strategy consulting firms. Sponsorships and speaking too are both proven. However, if you want to become a leader, why not organise your own specialised conference?

For example, you are in the business of cloud computing and a lot of your clients are in healthcare industry. In such a case, rather than sending a panel to a healthcare conference, conducting a completely separate event focused on your topic is much more effective.

Focus clearly on an upcoming niche that is not presently addressed. Keep it small and specific initially, attracting as many partners as required to make it a hit. As the conference will grow, your brand strength too will grow.

Use these effective tools andcall BrandQuest for http://brandquest.com.au/case-studies/b2c/ for you to get a high success in building a strong brand.


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