First of all, what is a customs broker? When you say customs broker, it means that such individual or company is empowered by the US customs to assist those who need their service so that the imposed Federal rules and regulations will be met. There are already a number of them around. Some are working independently and there are also those that are part of a big company offered comprehensive services so that you won’t need to be stressed anymore and so that everything will be done in the compliance of the Federal requirements. Part of the services offered by this company is the Clearit customs consulting. They have qualified customs consultant that is already with them for decades like over 25 years even. They can be of help so that you need not waste time in processing your goods to be shipped.

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Here are the services offered by this brokerage:

  1. Truck shipment

You will only be required to hand in the commercial invoice so that the will know the kinds of goods you are importing, the materials used and their amount. The rest of the details they need to clear your trucking shipment will be obtained directly from the terminal.

  1. Ocean shipment

Just like the trucking shipment, you also only need to hand in the commercial invoice and the rest of the information will be provided by your cargo forwarder such as the detailed packing list, the arrival notice, and the manifest.

  1. Air shipment

This is probably the quickest type of shipment to clear from the customs. Just like the other types of shipments, they will only need the commercial invoice to do so. All they need to know from your cargo forwarder is the packing list and the airway bill.

  1. Parcel/courier shipment

In this kind of shipment, you only need to have the agent update the broker info to this company and that is just about it. However, you still need to provide the commercial number so that in the event that the courier does not have his own copy.

Indeed the is your best option when it comes to importing goods to Canada. Whether that is a car or just some small items, they can easily pave the way for you. With their expert people, this can be done skillfully. Give them a call now or check out their website.

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