It is nothing short of a nightmare to wake up one fine morning and see this message when you try to open your website in Google browser, this site may be hacked. It means something is terribly wrong with your website and Google is not allowing such threats to be passed on to your have to work really hard to come across ways to resolve this problem, and for your help, there are so many articles available online, ready to focus on the steps in details. If you are pro in managing issues, this one will not take much of your time.

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Start by actually removing malware:

Most of the time, it is malware attack, which might give rise to such messages. So, before you request Google to remove your website from blacklist status, you have to be sure that your site is actually free from malware and any sort of viruses.  Once you are sure of that, you need to click on the Google Search Console. You have to enter the page with your domain page, which is your business URL or your Gmail account. Here, you have to prove that you are a verified user of this website or an owner.

After proving your point:

Once you have proved that you are the verified user of this website, you can start with the next steps. At last, you have to request for a Review. For that, you may have to construct an email to the Google team and request them to review your website to see if it is clean and free from all sorts of threats. After that, you have to wait for around 3 calendar days. Within these three days, the members of the community will check and review you website. After that, it will be removed from backlisted status.

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