You get mixed emotions when you move into a new home. You might feel sad about leaving your old house yet excited living in a new one. But before you get caught up in the process of packing, and unpacking, here are top six things you must do before the big move.

Secure the Keys to Your New Home

Before you even spend the first night in your new home, make sure to talk with the previous owner about getting the keys to the house. You never know who else may have duplicate keys to the house and using the same keys and locks put can put you and your family at risk. Better yet, get an emergency locksmith Houston professional to change all the locks and upgrade your home security to feel more secure and at peace in your new abode.

Paint the Walls

Choose a paint color for the walls and wait for the paint job to be over before you move. If you’re not happy with the existing paint color and decide to change after some time, you’ll have to move furniture and create a new mess again.

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Glam Up the House

Don’t wait until you’ve unpacked and arranged all your things before you clean. The previous homeowner may or may not clean the house before you move in, but if it’s the latter, you’ll definitely have some cleaning to do. You may opt to hire a cleaning service agency or just do it yourself, but whatever you choose, make sure the house is clean enough for you to live in.

Level Up the Electrical System

If you’re moving to a relatively new home, the electrical system may be modern and up-to-date, and you might not even need an upgrade. However, if the house is several decades old, it’s great to start contemplating about leveling up its electrical system before your move in. After all, electricians are better off working with lots of free space. You might consider adding switches, installing a ceiling fan and adding some more lights. Worn out wires and blasted outlets certainly need replacement. Double-check the home’s electrical system and have someone work on the upgrades before moving.

Weather-strip Doors and Windows

Regardless of the season, leaky doors and windows can create an uncomfortable environment and rack up your future utility bills. Do take the time to check out the conditions of your doors and windows and make sure to weather-strip them to prevent unnecessary entry and exit of air and moisture as well as create a healthy environment in your home.


Changing your place of residence is a tall order and expect to do some work to enjoy living your next abode. Whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional contractor, the goal is to make the new home ready for you to live in. You want to prep up the new home so that you can have the peace of mind, convenience and feel safe in it from day one.

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