Think back over the different events you have attended in the past. Some you remember fondly, others you felt a sense of discomfort and still others were experiences you will never forget. If you think about each individually, you may consider your measure of success at the event had to do with the content. You wouldn’t be wrong but think deeper. When you first walked into the venue you felt something. Maybe you couldn’t quite place why but you had an inner sense of what to expect. You felt like either you wanted to leave immediately or you became excited about what was to come. This feeling of anticipation or dread was largely determined by the atmosphere of the venue. Yes, the feel of the room was sending a message to your subconscious about what to expect. Whenever you consider furniture rental for events, you need to think ahead and decide how you want your guests to feel.

More Than Seating

Most people consider the seating at events. You make sure there are enough chairs and tables to make everyone comfortable. An atmosphere that puts people in the mood you want requires more. You want to speak to the subconscious of your guests. Do you want them to feel calm or do you want to get them psyched about learning a new concept? Are you going for a social feel or more business like? Once you determine the overall state of mind you want your participants to be in, it is time to work at creating that atmosphere with the following elements.

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  1. Lighting – Lighting is the single most important mood setting element. Consider the feel of bright, direct lighting compared to candlelight or diffused lighting.Brighter light induces enthusiasm, but if you make it too bright it can cause annoyance. Dimmer light evokes a sense of intimacy and togetherness.
  2. Table Settings – Everything from the color of the tablecloth to the centerpieces conveys a message to the attendees. Choose a theme that speaks to the subconscious, not just the eyes. Consider how different color feels. Think about the different feel of centerpieces that are bright balloons, flowers or candles. Is there an unexpected element you could use instead?
  3. Furniture – The size of tables, the arrangement of seating and type of chairs also play a part in mood. Do you want the members to feel like part of one big group or part of a comfortable small group? Long tables often convey a message of business cooperation while smaller tables allow people to feel more social. Arranging tables around one main spot offers a sense of cooperation and inclusion while rows of tables convey an atmosphere of learning.

Final Words

When renting furniture for events, take the time to consider all the elements and not just the number of tables and chairs you need. Make your event one of those memorable ones people will talk about for years to come.

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