A customs brokerage service is one that facilitates shipments across international borders taking care of all the paperwork, tariffs, and other standardized procedures in compliance with the country’s rules and regulations. So, while you focus your energies on your business, the brokerage service deals with closing all loose ends between the exporter, importer and the government agencies involved.

If you are new to the circuit, you might be having many queries. So, here are five of the frequently asked questions about these services answered.

  1. Why Do I Need a Customs Broker?

A customs broker is a certified and licensed agent who plays a vital role in getting shipments across borders smoothly taking care that all your paperwork and other things are in compliance with government legislation and regulations of the involved countries. For instance, if you hire the services of Clearit customs brokerage, they ensure smooth clearances at every port across Canada.

  1. Why Should I Choose a Particular Service Over Other Customs Brokerage Services?

You might need to hire customs brokerage services for importing stuff for private or commercial purpose. You should choose the right one after comparing the various services on the basis of pricing, experience, customer service, and accessibility, and then take a call.

  1. What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Customs Broker?

A customs broker offers all the support and tools required to carry out the process under one roof. The government regulations keep changing from time to time and out-of-date information can cost you dearly. These brokers keep themselves updated with all the latest changes in the regulations and guide you appropriately.

  1. What Other Services Can I Expect from a Customs Broker?

Besides handling the imports and exports of consignments, the customs broker can offer you a variety of services. These include local trucking, helping you with warehouse requirements, customs bonds and also cargo insurance. Some brokers also provide trade consultants to help you with serious things like Trademark and ICR.

  1. How Long Does a Customs Clearance Take?

This depends upon the country you want to import into and also the mode of shipment. For those shipments that arrive by air, the process is normally quick as the goods can be processed using the airway bill. For ocean shipments, it can take some time as most of the countries require the goods to arrive at the port first and then be de-stuffed on the warehouse floor to complete the clearance process.

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