GlobalTel continues to reach new milestones as far as helping families save on inmate calling. GlobalTel has reported to have helped many thousands of families now reduce their inmate calling costs by eliminating their long distance charges and premiums. GlobalTel is a jail call service that you use in addition to your primary jail call service that eliminates the long distance charges and effectively reduces your jail call phone bill by hundreds of dollars. Their service pays for itself and has now broken records as far as how many vulnerable and despaired families they have helped. What better way to begin this holiday season than with the clear conscience that you helped struggling families reduce their financial burden. That’s exactly what GlobalTel has done with their continued service.

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Individuals can sign up for this service simply by signing up at The process is quick and easy and will only take a couple minutes. Once signed up a representative will reach out to you with a unique phone number. Give this number to your inmate and whenever they call it the call will be forwarded to your phone and you’ll bypass the long distance rate of calling jail.

Families of inmates need this kind of service to stay afloat financially when jail calls cost hundreds of dollars a month after long distance charges and premiums are taken into account. They don’t have the finances often to cover these expenses. This means an extra burden just to stay in touch with a lonely and helpless inmate family member or loved one. This is why GlobalTel began their business. To help these type of innocent people hurt everyday by greedy business men.

GlobalTel is available to customers all over the United States. You can join the thousands of families already being helped by GlobalTel by visiting their website and getting started with the sign up process. Don’t overpay for jail call services when there are services like GlobalTel available to you. Get 90 days of service for just 45.99 right now when you sign up. This deal will help you stay in touch with those who matter the most for less the cost GTL or Securus would charge you. The service will pay for itself after the first month usually! GlobalTel is proud to be helping these thousands of families with inmate calling. Join their ranks today and discover how much you can save on jail calls as well.

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