Leadtrekker is the future of digital marketing because you can use this software to improve your turnover. By ensuring all leads get the attention they deserve you will have full control of the service you deliver and you will deliver every time.

Leads Management Tool

Leadtrekker allows you to take full advantage of your lead generation strategies thus causing your lead generation conversion rate to skyrocket. You are not forced to manage leads from your inbox or from phonecalls directly hence the way you generate and convert leads has been revolutionised.

You can identify exactly where the lead is in the sales cycle and follow up accordingly. This saves time and helps to make money. The lead tracking system revolutionises the way leads are dealt with; when all information is clear, leads are easy to work with; when leads are easy to work with they are more likely to be converted into sales. It is surely the ultimate business tool in existence if it saves time and makes money!

Captured Leads Database

You save time with Leadtrekker because after a lead is captured, the information pertaining to that lead is automatically entered into a database. So, essentially, Leadtrekker can start to build a business’ client database from the moment it is employed and leads are coming in.

That means that all you need for a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate database is a digital marketing strategy to bring in leads. Leadtrekker does the rest for you. Now all that is left to do is to convert your collected leads.

Compatible with Content Management Systems

Because Leadtrekker starts collecting information immediately you may think you would need ample time to integrate Leadtrekker into your website. Think again. Leadtrekker is compatible with multiple platforms that include:

  • Drupal
  • HTML 5
  • Bootstrap
  • Joomla!™
  • Magneto™
  • php
  • python ™
  • Alfresco
  • Microsoft. NET™
  • WordPress

Email and SMS Notifications

The real-time SMS and Email notifications to users and to the leads on the system means that everyone is kept in the loop. This is integral to any business because communication is key. Not only will the system communicate but it will also prompt further communication between leads and users.

If you have any questions they may be answered here. Alternatively you can see for yourself and start your free trial today.

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