There is always going to be a need for more celebrity gossip blogs on the internet. Not only is there a never-ending supply of celebrity gossip, along with a never-ending supply of people who want to look at it, there’s just a never-ending supply of celebrities that you can possibly write about as well. It doesn’t matter what the industry looks like, new celebrities and famous people are being discovered every day.

With all of this in mind, right now is the perfect time to get started with a celebrity blog of your own. Not only can a celebrity blog be very fun to create, it can also be quite profitable in the process. For example, just look at what happened to Perez Hilton… he started his blog off as a side passion project and now generates millions of dollars per year with it.

What it Takes to Create a Successful Celebrity Gossip Blog Today

To help with this process, I’ve listed a few key data points and actions that you should follow before launching your celebrity gossip blog. Follow these tips and you’ll be set off in the right direction.

Pick a Great Domain Name

While not extremely important, it would be great to come up with an interesting and fascinating domain name for your site. In the example of, the domain made sense because it was the name that he was associated with and a brand he wanted to become. This is something you could also try to attempt if you want to actually become the brand behind the gossip blog. When trying to come up with a domain name for your blog, be sure to run through any of the domain name generator tools out there, as these will help you find a name that’s available.

Focus on Your Social Media Efforts

You can’t go anywhere in the world today without seeing or hearing something be referenced through social media. This is something that you should also keep in mind when trying to grow out your celebrity gossip website. If you don’t already have an active Instagram or Twitter page then you need to start one right away. However, when you start from scratch I can take a while to grow an audience. With this in mind, you might want to invest in a service that will allow you to increase your video views at a faster pace. This will help your website rank higher and also attract new audiences versus just letting it grow organically without any paid advertising efforts.

Niche Down and Focus on a Celebrity Market

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are simply way too many celebrities in the world today. This also means that it would be extremely hard for you to rank in the search results and compete against any of the top sites on the internet like TMZ. with this in mind you should focus on a specific niche when building out your celebrity gossip blog. For example, maybe you only want to focus on musicians or female celebrities, or those from a specific country. This type of niching down will help with the overall content creation and marketing for your site. You could also get creative by focusing on television skits that feature celebrities or even creating a blog about celebrity homes, faiths and net worths.

Create Awesome Content and Use Great Images

As you likely have noticed, the best celebrity gossip sites on the internet have world breaking news, original photos and videos to back up their statements. However, we all don’t have such resources or money to invest in our company or websites. The good news is that you can get celebrity images from a wide range of royalty free image sites and also borrow gossip news from other websites where you can simply reference them as the resource. This will also make sure you are safe and not use images that might already have copyright issues associated with them.

How to Find Success with a Celebrity Gossip Blog of Your Own

With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, it can be quite competitive to try and start a gossip blog of your own. However, it’s all about the time, work, and promotion you put into it.

Also don’t forget to niche down as much as possible, as this will definitely help with the content creation and marketing process. Always use social media to help promote your site content as well, as it’s one of the best ways to tap into hashtags and targeting individual celebrities while also reaching more than two billion people around the world.

Follow these tips and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find success with a celebrity gossip blog of your own.

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