Human-centric lighting developments are making a positive impression in commercial and medical applications, soon they’ll be the “must-have” LED lighting solution for all. Here’s why.

What is human-centric lighting?

Human-centric lighting, also called circadian and biological lighting, tunes LED lighting frequencies to colour temperatures and brightness levels that suit certain tasks or situations. This maximises performance, concentration and sustains alertness.

How does this LED lighting achieve this?

This is the science bit. Thanks to thousands of years living beneath the sun humans have evolved so that when they see blue light the central nervous system is essentially programmed to become alert – to wake up. This is called the circadian principle.

Taking this in to the manufactured lighting sector, a stream of blue LED lighting as someone works acts as a stimulant.

Why choose LED lighting solutions?

LED’s are digital and tuneable, they are produced with the versatility to operate at different temperatures and at the optimum light levels for a variety of situations.

No two clients require the same lighting system but the ability to achieve sustained alertness in areas as diverse as hospitals, school, homes and office environments is facilitated with cutting edge technology.

Is human-centric LED lighting used in practical applications?


Osram is a market leader in the German LED lighting industry.

The firm has produced unique and special eyewear for the German skiing team and the firm’s circadian LED lighting’s introduction in a dementia centre has proved immensely beneficial to the patients.

Helvar, a Finnish lighting specialist, has developed software which controls human-centric lighting levels and the Danish firm, Chromoviso, has installed circadian lighting in several hospitals and this has resulted in the reduction of some patients’ medication.

The correct lighting solution impacts hugely on human performance and wellbeing.

How did Osram and BMW work together?

The Nürburgring 24 Hours Race in Germany took place at the end of May 2017, over day and night, and the BMW Motorsport team were participants.

Osram’s blue LED lighting glasses were worn by drivers and engineers to substantially enhance driver alertness.  The devices were worn before and during the exacting race and luminaires were installed in the communal spaces and pit areas to maintain concentration levels.

4 drivers took to the wheel in shifts of 150 minutes and Osram’s spokesperson pointed out that, “this range of solutions is designed to mobilize the energy of drivers and engineers exactly when needed during the arduous 24-hour race and help them sharpen their focus.”

BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt was interviewed prior to the race. “I am really happy that we have Osram on board as Official Partner. With its innovative solutions…the company will make a valuable contribution to allowing our drivers to adapt to the unique challenges.”

Additionally, Osram’s red LED lighting glasses aided relaxation during the breaks.

Human-centric LED lighting solutions are hugely energy efficient, popular and cost effective. Why not speak to a dynamic UK LED lighting firm like LED by Vision about your solution today?

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