In stock exchange trader can buy or sell securities such as shares, stocks, bonds and any other financial instrument. In it a buyer and seller come together to trade in specific time on business days.

There are different functions of stock exchange that are offered by the stock market to the different investors who buy the share and securities from the company. Many companies offer the share to expand their business. The functions of the stock market are goes on increasing from time to time and their demand is also increased in the market.

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What is the purpose of a stock exchange?

When any business issue shares then then owner off the shares at any time want to sell them for a profit. Different functions of stock exchange you can get by investing in the stock market. The stock exchange helps you to sell your stock into a wide area or to a person who is far but can give maximum value for his shares. Without a stock exchange the owner of the share has to go around to friend, family members and other people who are near them.

As investing in the stock market have many benefits for the investor because they get more return on their investment quickly as compared to investing in other things. With the arrival of the stock market more investors are engaged in the stock market. The online platform makes it easy for every people to buy or sell the securities at any time or from everywhere. People get more security o0n their transaction and sometime it also eliminates the role of the middlemen which help the investor to make more money. To invest your money you have to just access the company’s website in which you want to invest your money and choose the suitable shares and make online payment.

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