How do people succeed in the diamond business? Diamond buyers are people who know quality when they see it. Every successful diamond dealer who has experienced success in the diamond industry seems to be aware of the fact that quality is number one. The cut, clarity, and quality of the original stone are all important. The way the diamonds are processed and manufactured is also important. People who enter the diamond industry understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and regulations of the industry, as well.

Moti Ferder is the president and design director of Lugano, an international jewelry brand that focuses on creative works of art that focuses on diamonds. Ferder uses his knowledge of the diamond industry and the jewelry trade to create the best quality diamond jewelry available anywhere, at any price.

About Lugano Diamonds

Lugano Diamonds was named the Official Diamond of the 2015 HITS Desert Circuit in California. Lugano Diamonds consider themselves a global diamond company that has a global reputation as a leading diamond manufacturer. Lugano’s has an extensive collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones that also features some gemstones from extinct mines. This raises the value of the jewelry that they create and sell. Lugano’s has focused on creating a wide collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and many other one-of-a-kind designs that have differentiated them from other fine jewelers.

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Who is Moti Ferder?

Moti Ferder is the Lugano Diamond’s company president and design director. Ferder is passionate about horses because he grew up having horses as a child. This is one of the factors that motivates him to get so involved in supporting equestrian events throughout the country. You can see some of Ferder’s horse-inspired jewelry that was inspired by his love of horses.

“It is our pleasure to expand our support and sponsorship of the equestrian community to include HITS Horse Shows,” said Ferder. “We are honored to be the Official Diamond of the HITS Desert Circuit and the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. Lugano Diamonds is deeply passionate about all things equestrian, as is evident in our many remarkable horse-themed jewelry pieces.”

Mixing Diamonds with Horses

Ferder’s passion for equestrian activities, coupled with his love of diamonds. He supports the annual HITS Ocala Winter Circuit horse shows that are so popular among horse lovers in Thermal, California.

Combining these interests with the high level of quality that they demand allows them to dominate the diamond industry and keep their international jewelry brand on the forefront of the jewelry industry.

What makes Lugano Diamonds special?

According to Ferder, “for Lugano Diamonds, community outreach has been a very successful marketing strategy.  We are active with a number of local philanthropies and believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility, so we do our part to help those less fortunate.”

Lugano Diamonds also succeeds by offering a warm, inviting experience and exceptional customer service. Lugano understands that serving people is about pleasing their customers on the highest level and providing the highest quality jewelry that they can create for their customers. Their unique designs can only be found at their salons or by appointment. This gives every customer a truly personal experience with diamonds jewelry that you cannot find anywhere else.

Running a successful diamond business takes an exceptional quality. But it’s clear that Moti Ferder and Lugano Diamonds have created something that shines especially bright!

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