When you need business supplies for an enterprise, whether it’s a home office or a multi-million earning venture, trust experts and adopt a one stop shop attitude. The savings, quality of products and service levels are much more rewarding than purchasing or leasing from a plethora of outlets. Your time is important, so is your profit and loss.  Waste neither.

Mailroom and office equipment suppliers including IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston work in partnership with Royal Mail and help businesses with:

  • Smart franking machine supplies – rental or purchase for all user volumes.
  • Online account management – 24/7.
  • Letter inserters.
  • Letter openers.
  • Excel mail monitors.
  • Office stationery supplies – e.g. franking labels, ink, envelopes, paper, toners, presentation tools.
  • Computer hardware/software and supplies.
  • Desktop tools.
  • Office furniture.
  • Cleaning items.

Franking machines supplies and model experts can assist you with evaluations about whether purchase or lease is better for your enterprise. Many clients prefer to lease a machine so that they can budget effectively. An outright sale costs over £1000 but can be less expensive in the long term.  In either case, business supplies and credit top-up accessibility are available 24/7 online with market leaders.

  • Smart Royal Mail franking prices are 100% accurate for every item processed.
  • Franked mail is treated as business mail so items travel more efficiently from sender to recipient.
  • Delivers a professional and uniform image on mail items.
  • Free marketing can be achieved on franking machines. Unique messages, calls to action, preconfigured slogans or logos can be added to labels.
  • Smart franking machines create readable 2D barcodes which makes items trackable.
  • With Mailmark, the best Royal Mail franking prices, operational and reporting capabilities are incorporated.

The current postage costs show how smart franking machines with Mailmark eligibility positively impact on expenditure:

  • 1st class stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class: 55p
  • Every 500 1st class stamps costs £325, compared to Mailmark’s £275. Can you afford to lose £50 per 500 items of mail?
  • If you have an office that sends just 5-10 items of mail per day you’ll still realise the efficiency and financial benefits.

Business supplies consumables costs:

  • Franking machine labels cost less than £20 per 1000, inclusive of VAT.
  • Franked mail must use blue ink and the cartridges cost between £40-£200 dependant on the volume, machine and supplier.
  • 1000 machine compatible C5 envelopes cost approximately £35-£40, VAT included.

High volume users could be eligible for Business Mail benefits

This is a licenced service designed for Royal Mail customers with post runs of over 500 items. It rewards accuracy.

The more that a client does to prepare their mail with correct addresses for sorting and Royal Mail machine readability, the higher the savings. It’s in the sender’s interests to pay attention to the details.

Up to date smart technology franking machines, mailroom and office equipment, online account management and Mailmark will make a difference to your operations. Please contact a business supplies expert like IMS Franking for more details.

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