You might have heard about the term divorce.But do you know that there are so many variations in it? Contested and uncontested divorce are two of the most major variations, which a trained queens county divorce lawyer will be able to work out on. Before you get to contact an expert for covering your case, it is important to learn more about the divorce types first. That will help you to choose the right lawyer for help, who have already handled cases and would like to do the same for you. Just be sure of the variations available and everything will work out well.

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More on the types:

When it comes to uncontested divorce, the parties mainly agree to the divorce judgment and the terms, even before filing for the papers. By agreeing on the given custody, divisions of alimony, marital assets and other vital issues can easily be covered. Couples can always speed up the entire divorce procedure and can get their divorce approved within a span of few months. You are asked to take help of queens divorce lawyers to help you out in this regard and present you with the results, you have always asked for.

Contested cases to cover:

In case, two parties cannot quite reach to any prior agreement and one of the parties contests the divorce terms, then the entire process is said to take a lot of time extra. With the cases of contested divorce, the attorneys and the spouses will go through the entire procedure of mediation to come to amicable agreement.  The quicker you can get yourself into an agreement, the sooner your case is going to be finalized. Just be sure to ask an expert to offer some help, as you don’t want to invest money in anything negative.


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