There are a few specific rules to follow for a long trade in the Forex market. However, according to the Juno Markets review the bottom line is to do the right thing at the right time. This will allow you to trade breakouts successfully and confidently. If you have a proper strategy to follow you will be able to put yourself on track and make successful trades and not fade the price action. However, this setup will work for you perfectly only when you apply it with disciplined stops. This will also protect you from any major losses in the event of any expected momentum unexpectedly fails to materialize.

Things to do

Monitor the hourly or the daily charts and place the indicator with average input of 20. Take a note of the time and situation when it last registered a reading in excess of +100 before dropping back to the zone below the +100 mark. Take a measure of the peak reading and keep a record of it. If it trades once again above the +100 mark and the value exceeds as well before the prior peak reading, you can go long at the close of the candle. Always measure the low of the candle and make sure that you use it as your stop.

Rules for short trade

On the other hand if you want to make short trade follow the same steps as above but note the points were the CCI registers a reading that is less than -100 before going above the -100 zone. Measure it and keep a record and when you find that it once again goes below -100 and the value exceeds before that, it is the peak time for a short trade in Juno Markets at the close of the candle. In this case your stop should be at the high of the candle.

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