This may surprise you: There is a direct correlation between the speed of websites and the sales conversion rate.

Put simply, slow loading or having to navigate several pages to get to what they want frustrates the potential client and makes them much less likely to buy.

As the owner or management of a company have you actually taken the customer route around your website or asked someone who has never seen it before to evaluate how user friendly it is? No, then please do so. It could be highly illuminating.

User experience is integral to making a browse turn in to a sale.

Another surprising fact: Amazon states that for every second they can take off the page loading time their sales increase by 7%. Another firm elected to allow their speed to become ½ a second slower and this cost them over 10% of conversions.

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People want speed and efficiency and any website needs to deliver it.

Experienced and reputable Google experts like The Wysi Partnership in Berkshire appreciate that ahead of this speed consideration is the need for clients to be able to find your firm online.

Utilising SEO experts is important, they understand the keywords which Google need to pick up on to make a firm visible more than any print advertising campaign.

It offers an excellent return on investment and proficient digital marketing companies will engineer keywords, blogs, advertising content and links with other sites so that the SEO will be at its most effective levels.

This isn’t a short process and there are no short cuts.

Google experts know that Google are experts and they know every rank boosting trick in the “how to” manual so please don’t expect that ranking will dramatically change overnight.

If you are local look into The Wysi Partnership they love to offer SEO for the Reading and Berkshire area.

Just remember it’s a steady but purposeful campaign that offers long lasting results.

The one thing that novices tend to do which costs them dearly in rankings (and then business) is to fall prey to “improve your ranking overnight” schemes and purchasing spam links or making content look like advertising, this won’t make Google warm to you.

Trust experts to manage the increase in visibility and online presence.

We are now in the “Christmas Creep” period. That is the marketing name for Christmas advertising. The creep is because the campaigns start earlier every year.

From this point on the calendar we have Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the American’s and Canadians have Thanksgiving and there are flash sales ahead of Christmas.

Can your business afford to be at the bottom of the long list of suppliers or retailers? This is a time when a fortune could be made or lost.

Online shopping via smartphones has never been more popular and trawling up and down the High Street is a chore well worth avoiding.

Google experts know that online visibility could make or break a firm’s sales conversions.

In summary, speed of the website, a positive user experience, SEO and digital activity are essential.

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