‘Tis the Season to drink and be merry. Many of us our out celebrating the end of year with friends, family, food and drink. If you plan on drinking during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve) it’s important to have a plan, so that you aren’t drinking and driving. According to this article, just in the month of December alone, some 25 people die every day from drunk driving incidents. At DWI Springfield, we want to make sure that you are not part of this devastating statistic. Below, you can find out how to stay safe while on the road, and still partake in the spiked Eggnog.

Plan Ahead

Even though we’ve all heard it hundreds of times, it bears repeating. Don’t Drink And Drive. If you do plan on knocking a few back this holiday season, come prepared with a plan of who will be driving. Ideally, the designated driver (DD) will abstain from drinking all night. Make sure to choose someone you can trust to avoid alcohol for the whole night. If no one in your family or group of friends who is able to legally drive feels like being sober for the night, explore other possible options like:

  • Arrange to be picked up by a Taxi, Lyft , or Uber before going to the party. Pro tip:if you share Lyft or Uber with friends, you’ll both save money on your rides or considering sharing rides.
  • If your host is accommodating, plan to stay overnight.
  • Contact the Sober Ride Program. Find your state’s listing

Staying Sober

Before rolling your eyes, consider staying sober for the holidays, especially when traveling. Not only will you avoid a hangover the next day, you also won’t have to worry about being tagged in embarrassing photos on Facebook (you may be tagged, but you will still look good).

Tips For The Host

Did you know that party hosts can be held liable for drunk driving incidents that involve their guests after they leave the soiree? If you are planning on having a party this year, here are some ways to make the holidays safer for you and your guests:

  • Use small cups
  • If the party is catered, have guests buy their own drinks or only hand out 1-2 drink tickets per guest.
  • Avoid salty foods
  • Don’t make alcohol the focus of the party
  • Stop serving alcohol a couple hours before the “end” of the party.

DWI Springfield Is Here For You

At DWI Springfield, we want to make sure that you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday season. If you do find yourself in a drunk driving incident, exercise your right to remain silent until contacting your DWI lawyer. Then contact us immediately.  We know that good people make mistakes, but we don’t believe your life should be turned upside down because of it. When you hire us, we will investigate your case from top to bottom, review police and witness reports, and help to you to determine the best course of action.

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