Tekmetric is an all-in-one shop management system that has been designed by experienced auto shop owners. Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel are the innovators of this revolutionary software and have been running their Motorwerk Auto Group business for more than 20 years. These founders of Motorwerks, announced the debut of this industry-changing management software back in March when they featured on the cover of the famous Rachet + Wrench magazine. In an interview with the magazine, Chilukuri and Patel stated that they were inspired to create this software as their shop management experience over the 20 years was disappointing.

We said no more

The Motorwerks Auto Group founders pointed out that the disappointing shop management software experience got so bad at one point that it started to affect their business negatively. Chilukuri and Patel pointed out that a lack of an all-in-one management solution in the market at the time made it very hard for them to wee-manage their business. To make things work, they had to use an assortment of software with each software addressing a particular niche in shop management. What made the experience even worse was the fact that the different software was not able to work with each other seamlessly. It was at this point that they decided to sit down and come up with an innovative solution that would eradicate the problems they had faced with other software and also boost business.

Introducing Tekmetric

Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel, the innovators of Tekmetric, mentioned that during their development of this software their main inspiration was to provide auto repair shops with a reliable easy to use solution for managing their business. They wanted to build a shop management system that would enable shop owners to run their business smoothly thanks to the plethora of groundbreaking tools and features that the software would have.

The Motorwerks Auto Group founders stated that they engineered Tekmetric on three major pillars. These pillars are:

Access Anywhere

It is common for most business persons to travel often. This means that for the shop owner, they would be away from their shop for quite some considerable amount of time. Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel said they too had to spend substantial amounts of time away from their businesses each year. It worried them sick that they could not be able to monitor their business when they were away directly. With this in mind, when developing this industry-leading shop management system, one of their top priorities was to make sure that shop owners could monitor their businesses from anywhere.

Tekmetric allows you to monitor your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet connection. You can access your admin interface from any internet enable device and check on the progress of your business. Additionally, you can also be able to manage the shop this way as the system allows you to perform most of the functions you would when you are there.

All-in-one platform

The two innovators and entrepreneurs stated that another important aspect while creating this revolutionary software was to provide an all-in-one management solution to auto shop owners. Being auto shop owners themselves and having experienced the challenges that using different systems brought, they wanted to eradicate this completely. Tekmetric is an all-in-one solution for shop management with makes it easy for shop owners to manage their business.

Enterprise-level security

For any management software, good security is essential. With cyber-attacks targeting business growing every day, Tekmetric was designed with top grade encryption to keep it safe from attackers. This means that by using this shop management system, you are guaranteed that your business information and that of your clients is safe.


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