If you own a commercial property and planning to improve the efficiency of the utilities like energy and water in an environmentally friendly way in the Lone Star state, you have great news. Texas Pace program is the right green initiative. Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is an innovative concept having schemes to provide 100 % finance to upgrades of utilities under the ecologically feasible projects. The market value of the commercial property you own will get a boost due to this up gradation.

PACES assure positive cash flow over the time and at the same time reduce the massive power bill you are facing. The valuation of the property is done through a voluntary property tax assessment. Texas pace program is concerned with the fragile and grim ecological situation we are in. The financial is done in such a way that the upgraded would pay by themselves shortly.

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Lone Star Texas pace program helps utility contracting firm’s contractors with pre-qualified lenders. In turn, they can avail financing of renewable energy, water efficiency and energy efficient upgrades without any hassle. The Texas PACE program is equally applicable to property owners, local governments, contractors and the community as a whole. Simple lender consent would be called for in processing the application for the existing mortgage plan.

What you will get is a flexible and quicker solution of availing the finance with the improvement of the utility system you have in mind for long. The plan would be implemented without affecting the environment adversely. The financial road map is clear and transparent facilitating the transfer of property as well. Now you have Texas PACE programme for financing energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy improvements. A PACE assessment is simple just like other property services. Besides increasing the tax base and local employment, they also support Texas energy and water conservation goals.

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