The right product label can make a world of difference to how successful your product can become, particularly if your customers are quite selective. A professional label says a lot about your product – literally and figuratively. If you have the right product label, your product can attract attention, but not only this – consumers are more likely to buy it. So, what does it take to have the perfect label for your product? Here are the most important aspects you need to remember for a brilliant product label.

  • Colours which complement

Colours are important, especially if you want your product to catch the eye. But you can’t just choose colours willy-nilly – there has to be a good reason why you choose the colours you do. The key is to select colours which complement your product. For instance, if you have a product which has a dark blue colour and you choose a label which is bright green, the colours will clash, and consumers can become overwhelmed. If you can, choose clear packaging and containers so you can avoid this issue. Remember the kind of product you are selling. Warmer tones exude more energy while cooler tones encourage a feeling of calm, so remember this when designing your product label.

  • A clear name

Most people will think it’s apparent that you should have a clear name for your product when designing your product label. But sometimes, in the midst of choosing other aspects such as colours, fonts, graphics, images, and so on, we tend to lose sight of showcasing the actual name of the product. Your design should effectively and prominently showcase your product’s name. That is, after all, what your consumers will remember. Also, if you have several products on offer, remember to be consistent with your brand’s look so your customers can quickly identify your brand with whatever product you are offering.

  • The shape and size


You should also consider the shape and size of your label, as contract labelling specialists will tell you, although the shape and size will largely depend on your product’s container or packaging. But it may be a good idea to keep this in mind: if you separate the back and front label, this lets you brand your front label more clearly, while it also allows you to display enough information at the back. Your label’s shape can also help draw your customers’ attention – think of the Heinz ketchup bottle, whose label is shaped according to the bottle itself.

  • The importance of the barcode

The barcode is undeniably essential for any product today, and it’s a portion of your product label which will provide information about your product to electronic scanners. The barcode plays another purpose as it helps you keep track of your product inventory and makes it easier for you to sell your product in different shops.

Of course, there are other aspects to product labelling you should take note of as well, and this includes your contact information, the quality of your images, and your product’s unique benefits. Once you consider all these, your product is more likely to be a great success.

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