Indonesian uses RP or IDR (Rupiah) as their currency. These rupiahs are lesser in value than the dollars and Euros. This conveys the message that while converting IDR to USD many hundred dollars will traverse a long way in Bali. So when you want to exchange your money during your travel with your family, you must consider the tips given to exchange money in Bali.

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Cash Vs. Credit

It is good to have IDR notes in Bali to take care of the daily expenditures. Use credit cards for significant expenses including hotel stay and purchases. All major banks accept ATM card in Bali and freely use Master and Visa cards. Carrying multiple cards is good than converting IDR to USD. Even if you happen to lose one you can still manage with the other one.

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Also at many places in Bali including resorts and hotels accept IDR money, and hence USD conversion may not always be required. Only you are using cards, then have some USD with you.

Places To Exchange Currency in Bali

  1. The bank is the best place, and there are many local banks in Bali. Know the list of banks in Bali and stay away from getting ripped off by the exchange rates.
  • CIMB Niaga
  • Bank MandiriBNI
  • Bank Danamon
  • Bank BCA
  1. To have an eye on the transaction fee, you must withdraw cash from the bank where you hold an account. Alternatively, take them from the ATM’s offering international services. But check for the International transaction charges before you withdraw money.
  2. You can also make use of the front desk in a hotel if there is an emergency or banks are far away from the place you stay. Hotel’s charge more than banks.
  3. The Authorized agency is another good option which serves close to the banks. They are authorized by the banks and hence follow some guidelines closely matching to the banks. You can check for reviews in the local sites and social networking forum before making use of these services.

Always remember to ask for new notes when you exchange for cash. You must also give clear notes in return.  Ask them for the ID proof if not you’re getting cash from banks. You must even show your passport before you complete your transaction. Plan your money before your travel to have a safe and happy journey.

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