Do you need something to keep wires in place, preventing cable spaghetti? What about a flexible conduit from Flex It?

Conduits are tubes or pipes that are routed with wires. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and suit almost any application. As well as this, the conduits available from Flex It are designed to provide protection against abrasion, chemicals and moisture.

With so many types of conduit to choose from, you need to know that you’re choosing the most suitable one. The experts at Flex It will be more than happy to help you to find a perfect solution for your individual application, simply call 01530 812195 today!

Flexible conduit.

The flexible cable conduit provided by Flex It is ideal for keeping things consistent and in place, but as well as this, they are also designed to offer improved safety and security.

The flexible conduit pipe makes light work of adding and removing wires, saving you time. In terms of efficiency, the flexible conduit is one of the most efficient in its calibre.

Non-Flexible conduit.

The non-flexible conduits are often stainless steel or aluminium and don’t bend easily. They are designed to be rigid and to provide stability for pipes and cables- enabling you to maintain a tidy environment. One of the main differences between the flexible cable conduit and the non-flexible conduit is that the flexible one can keep mess to a minimum.

If you’re wondering how the non-flexible cable conduit negotiates bends, Flex It will provide a series of elbows to allow the pipes to change direction.


The non-flexible conduit pipe is used mainly for its stability and reliability. Take Flex It’s B Series Plain Galvanised Steel Conduit for instance. This metal flexible conduit pipe is ideal for lighting and underfloor heating because it has a sturdy design. The non-flexible conduit is usually suited to general purposes and applications, offering a sturdy alternative to loose wires.

The flexible cable conduit is easy to bend and can suit a variety of applications, offering greater protection against resistance and pressures. Flex It supply the flexible conduit to cater for the most diverse needs and wants, hence why they’ve been designed to incorporate a multifunctional feature.

If you’re looking for something convenient, you cannot argue with the flexible conduit that Flex It provides, you’ll be able to adapt it to suit your application more specifically.


One’s ribbed and one’s rigid. The flexible conduit pipe is designed to be ribbed and stretchy, suiting requirements more efficiently, whereas, the metal flexible conduit and non-flexible conduit is rigid and more durable. The metal flexible conduit is best suited to general applications, however, it’s especially useful in corrosive environments. The SS Series from Flex It is a prime example, this conduit has been designed to withstand constant stretching and to last, providing you with high value for money.

If you need any help or assistance when it comes to choosing a flexible conduit or non-flexible conduit, look no further than Flex It.

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