Due to the fact that it is made up of glass, glass bongs can be extremely versatile in its looks. It can be made from thick glass, can glass, or even some sort of hybrid between different materials of glasses. However, the primary issue that people have with glass bongs is the fact that it can produce a health hazard if it breaks when it falls down. Let’s face it; people smoking marijuana do not have the best control over their bodily functions. So, after a period of time, when the people are intoxicated, they might not have any kind of bodily control over their hands and legs, and would end up toppling the glass Bong from the table. When it falls down, it can shatter very easily, therefore creating a health hazard for you, particularly when you are bare feet.

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So, although using glass bongs may seem to be a health hazard, you also have to remember that the quality of smoke that you get from the glass bongs cannot be compared to the ones with the dry pipes. Moreover, by making use of the glass bongs, you would be able to get a purified smoke due to the filtration effect of the water. You will also be able to withstand smoking for a longer period of time without creating any kind of problems in your respiratory tract.

Therefore, if you are in the lookout for glass bongs in the Internet, you are going to come across many websites providing glass bongs for sale. Jump at the chance of procuring one, but make sure that you get that at a justified price. You do not want to be head over heels over a product, and only end up paying a lot more.

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