The sights of Latvia are a separate topic of conversation. A country with a rich history and carefully guarded traditions, has something to see.

Everyone knows about the Old Town in Riga, where not only buildings, but every stone in the pavement – a living history. Of course, you should take advantage of your stay in the country and see as much as possible – walk and ride by yourself, visit excursions.

In classical tourist trips, few people think about additional entertainment, for example, about tours to casinos; there are many elite gambling houses in Latvia. For example, there is a unit of Shangri La (Michael Boettcher is the founder).

There are many small towns in the country, which makes a trip round the countryside colourful. In Latvia, there are many old castles with their mysterious legends.

Increasingly, tourists order not ordinary tours, but junket tours. In recent years, this direction has been becoming more popular, Storm International John Harrek shared information.

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