When first entering the forex trading market, I learned that one of the leading factors to consider the best forex brokers 2019 was the forex bonuses. But that was just the general thing. I almost had no ideas for such detailed questions as “What is a forex bonus?”, “Can you list some types of it?”, or “Is it easy to find a good forex bonus?” Fortunately, I met an expert who has become my friend. He explained these questions specifically and taught me lots of things relating to forex bonuses. So, today I write this article to share with you what I have learned. Hope it will be useful for you.

What is a forex bonus?

As you may know, a forex bonus is a promotion which is regularly given either to a beginner or to an existing trader on a website. It is not difficult to receive bonuses, you just need to enter into the website, make an official registration and deposit in your account.

In my opinion, the 4 best forex bonuses are:

– Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM

– Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS

– Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM

Exness bonus: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness

Can you list some types of it?

 Deposit bonus

  • It is connected to traders’ deposits closely.
  • It is offered to all clients.
  • Its requirements for those who want to use it: registering in the website and making a deposit – either an initial, or a next one is acceptable.
  • It is measured in %. Example: Suppose you win a 20% deposit bonus and you want to make a deposit of $100. At the time you transfer by one of the available payment methods, you will have $120 in your account.

Welcome bonus

  • It is given only to beginners, which means that it is not an option for those who are old and regular clients of a broker.
  • Its method of attracting beginners is helping them check the broker without lots of risks, because they are allowed to use a particular amount of money supported by that broker.
  • It can be a no deposit or ordinary deposit bonus, which depends on the policy made by Forex broker.

Lot-back bonus

  • People also call it “loyalty bonus”.
  • It is applied for regular customers and old traders on a website.
  • Usually the reward will be special programs.
  • Its requirements: staying and experiencing on the website for some time.

Is it easy to find a good forex bonus?

The answer will be yes in case you carefully learn the methods. In conclusion, that’s all information I have learned about the best bonus forex 2019. It seems a little short, but I believe it is sufficiently helpful for you.

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