Although blogging is not as old as some other internet inventions, there’s already a debate regarding its relevance in today’s marketing environment. Whether you are a multinational company or a small business owner, your business still needs blogging to grow. And it’s not going away anytime soon. There are strong reasons for these. The following are five reasons why every brand still needs a blog, while also using the power of WordPress to improve and manage their branding success.

It drives traffic to your site

Till today, blogging is still used to drive traffic to blogs. With your blog, you can create engaging and relevant content for your audience.  Your blog can help you draw more traffic to your main site. Even if you have presence on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can still drive traffic to these sites through your blog.

When you write relevant contents that people find through search engines, they can follow you to your social media page. This will help you market even further to them. You can also place links to your content on your social media sites. Your followers can click through those links to land on your blog page.  Your blog and social media sites can work hand in hand to help you gain more readers and followers.

Improve your search engine Rankings

Blogging is still a great way to improve SEO ranking in today’s marketing world. As you keep on writing fresh contents for your blog, it will impact positively on your rankings. And you know the benefits of ranking high on search engines.

You can include relevant keywords on your content to beat your competitors. This will help your keywords place higher on searched items.  Long as you blog constantly about your business it will help to improve the popularity of your website.  And of course, more popularity means more branding success.

Better reputation

Blogging helps you engage your audience in a unique way. The more you post quality contents on your blog, the more visitors you are likely going to get.  Your audience will want to ask questions and interact with you. Here you can offer them advice and suggestion on their queries. This will gradually make you become an authority in the niche. When people see that you are helpful, they will trust you. And in social media, is a very important ingredient of success.

Brand positioning

With blogging you can position your brand among the leaders in the industry. As you keep giving out quality contents that help your readers, you will become known in the industry. Your tips and advice will be taken seriously. Other bloggers will even come to respect and recognize you in the industry.

If you aren’t sure how to set any of these settings or features up, be sure to follow this WordPress guide. It will walk you through each of the processes step by step.

Sustained customer relationship

You can turn your blog to a form of community. If you are friendlier in your approach, your audience will see you more as a friend. This makes things easier for you. Your audience will be more open to receive any advice you have for them. Even when you are recommending a product, they won’t take it like a sales pitch. They will see you as a friend recommending something that will help them.

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