It’s time for a revelation. You’re costing your business time and money.

Franking machine suppliers want you to know that in the same way you wouldn’t dream of using a penny farthing bicycle to commute to work, stamps have become rather outdated and increasingly superseded. Moreover, if Royal Mail could have their wishes granted they’d eradicate stamps to minimise their production costs.


Royal Mail and their approved partners appreciate the viability of today’s technology, the increase in operational demands and customer services. Royal Mail has invested in excess of £70 million in ensuring that cutting edge technology, optimum visibility, reporting and cost savings are available when smart technology franking machine leases or purchases are made.

Whilst older franking machines can save some money compared to stamps, the tools are not as sophisticated and costs are a few pence higher than smart technology fees. (It’s an upgrade from a penny farthing to a push bike.) All new franking machine leases and outright sales must be smart technology enabled.

Join the franking machine family

Can you track a stamped item of mail?

Smart franking machines produce a 2D barcode which Royal Mail’s scanners read and log as an item passes through a depot. You can monitor progress and potential issues online. e.g. incomplete or inaccurate address.

Can you enjoy instant online account management for postage stamps?

Royal Mail partners like IMS Franking offer 24/7 account management and as franking machine suppliers they also stock consumables, ancillary products and effective mailroom equipment.

How easy is it to tear a franking machine compared to a stamp?

No comment!

A wonky stamp or a neat franking machine label?

We all know that when we’re wielding stamps we start neatly but by envelope thirty we’re slapping the stamp down any which way. A franking machine label presents a tidy and professional image every single time. One chance to make a first impression, remember?

Can you get free marketing benefits from a stamp?

No. With franking machine hire or purchase you can advertise. Add your logo or slogan or a unique message to your franking labels easily. Not one penny comes from the marketing budget.

Whether you lease or purchase a smart franking machine it will have a positive impact on costs and efficiency. Many users prefer franking machine leases which allow them to budget.

  • Smart technology franking machines are eligible for Mailmark pricing, the lowest tariff available, and VAT reclaim is an added incentive.
  • Stamps are low technology, mainstream mail processed and the most expensive option.
  • Smart franking enjoys the best tools, is treated as business mail which makes its passage more efficient, and Mailmark pricing eligible.
  • Smart franking machine leases are not as expensive as you may think. For example, £17.99 per month equals just £215.88 per annum. Attractive, surely?
  • Smart franking machine hire means swift access to support from experienced experts whenever you need it. IMS Franking prides themselves on customer service and accessibility.

Join the smart franking machine revolution. It’s a better way to work and enjoy mailroom tasks.

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